Efi Tsimi


Efi Tsimi

The company began its activities within the studio of Architect Efi Tsimi (Arch. Eng. NTU) with projects relating to customers both in Greece and abroad.


It then further developed its activity in construction and created A.C. BAU ltd where the main objective of the office is implementing new dynamic formats in full harmony with the environment thus giving a unique character to the building itself.. Achieving this is based on the exact transfer of the visual concept during the construction phase.


The backbone of A.C. BAU is our architectural office where the development of each project from initial concept to final resolution of every construction detail is done.

The office undertakes the design and construction of private projects, renovation of buildings, restoration of listed buildings, interior decorating andbioclimatic design projects. We undertake projects such as housing estates, shops, restaurants, offices, industrial buildings and more.

With our long experience the company undertakes general project management (Project Management) and also provides advisory services (Project Consulting).

Human Resources

Our Team
  • Efi Tsimi – Architect : Graduate of the National Technical University of Athens

  • Anna Beziani – Architect : Graduate of the National Technical University of Athens

  • Antony Papayiannis – Universal Freiburg : Investment Consultant and Public Relations

  • External Contractors : Architect engineers, Mechanical engineers, Civil engineers, Interior decorators and designers